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What's non-real?

Showing the world in an unexpected way. This can be caused by choosing non-usually perspectives, by pattern of objects or scenery, by presenting unreal colors, by taken pictures in a special focus or by showing the obscurity of life, nature, objects, people itself.

I want this being a place to share art which is not only photomanipulated, heavy edited but I also want this to be a place where we can share the "tiny" curiosities of our world and life.

General Rules

  • Joining is NOT automatically approved.

  • Normally, ALL kinds of art are accepted, except art which does not conform with the rules of dA, or which is categorized as literature, or fan art, mangas or promotional material for a member or, in some cases, also mature content.

  • NB Photo manips are welcomed provided their photographic content falls into one of our main categories. All manips which are not based at least on one own piece of art will be declined.


  • The limit of weekly submission is set to five and not automatically approved.

There are found ten theme folders:

non-real by angle
Here submit all pictures which showing a special perspective, unusual angles ...
Please visit this journal Randomized News 4.1 to see some examples what could be ment.

non-real by colors
Dedicated to all the colorful things, also submit here traditional art, digital art ...
Please visit this journal Randomized News 4.2 to see some examples what could be ment.

non-real by light There you will find the place for all the reflection pictures and all the other art mainly showing light aspects.
Please visit this journal Randomized News 4.3 to see some examples what could be ment.

non-real by reflection
This is a new folder for all reflection based pictures. 2012 were them found in the ... by light folder, so you can visit this journal Randomized News 4.3 to get an idea where could be found reflection.

non-real by content
All pictures which are showing an obscure, unreal content ... an overview you will find here Randomized News 4.4

non-real by patterns
Here can be submitted all the wonderful stuff of showing patterns like lines, spirals, square, ... in this journal you can find a collection of pictures which give an idea what could be ment by patterns Randomized News 4.5

non-real by focus
Focus can be interpreted as focusing to a special (tiny) object or showing non-focused scenery ... please see here some examples Randomized News 4.6

non-real by wrong place
Show us objects which are placed in wrong place or we didn't expect to find there. Please take a view to this journal to see a collection of pictures which can be found in the folder Randomized News 4.7

non-real by moving
This special folder is for all art with motional content, like films, animations and shows art in a dynamic way ... take a view here Randomized News 4.8

non-real by collaboration
If you are working together with an other artist, please let us see us your results here .... Here you find a little collection from this folder Randomized News 4.8

non-real by selection
All this wonderful selections like news or journals can be submitted here and very welcome ...

Additionally we have a general folder
non real by ...
If you are not sure where to submit - feel free to use this folder. We will move your art into one of the theme folders.

The Featured folder will not be opened for submission.
It's a special folder, where we move art, where we think it's extraordinary. This selection will change from time to time. In this journal you find a collection from this folder Randomized News 4.9.


  • In the Featured folder of the favourites you can submit pictures where you personally are the opinion that it's non-real. The suggestions here are automatically approved and you can submit there one picture per day.

  • To the Affiliate Submissions folder of the favourites can be submitted art from any member of our affiliate groups. The suggestions here are automatically approved and they can also submit there one picture per day.


Members are rightly concerned about their work being copied and stolen and many people will put a signature or copyright mark on their work. DA provides such a mark that appears on full size images, but not on thumbs. However, the DA mark is large, obtrusive, and in most instances spoils the viewer's pleasure. We usually decline such images. However, we would encourage you to develop your own mark or signature if you so wish.

Additionally here my intention and background of building this group, because this happend more or less by accident.

Here is the story. I have had often pictures which are in my eyes not enough abstract to submit them to a "abstract"-group but too curious or obscure for submitting them to an "all-art" or a "themebased" groups.

It happened that this pictures were declined because they didn't fit to the rules or
fulfilled not the quality standard which was wished in this groups and this underlines my feeling that there is no home for this pictures.

One evening I thought about this circumstances and had an idea of a group name. I checked if this name is already in use ... and it was free ... and I've taken the chance and opened this group.

If you sometimes have the same feeling like me, please feel free to take a view or to join and share your art. I would be glad to see you here joining and sharing.

Gallery Folders

non-real caused by selection











_T-E-S-T-IX_ by GregorKerle better world by davespertine _T-E-S-T-IX_ by GregorKerle
Dreams of freedom, watercolor by jane-beata Mother's Children by MarinaCoric Dreams of freedom, watercolor by jane-beata
D974 by siamesesam Autumn Air by Metal-Bender D974 by siamesesam
1. WiP by jjuhajuha
ID by JACAC Matinal rayon de soleil by meszarts ID by JACAC
Show me your darkness by Premier123 Monet Autumn by Canankk Show me your darkness by Premier123
Dripping Strings and Frame of Nyanses by MushroomBrain City Of The Sun-God by Peeshan Dripping Strings and Frame of Nyanses by MushroomBrain
Wall Texture with Cracks and Peeling Paint by threadzone
Forgiving the Enemy (Portal 2) by Nylten My Gift to You by WalkinginDreamlight Forgiving the Enemy (Portal 2) by Nylten 
White Point by KizukiTamura rust by ChristianBurtscher White Point by KizukiTamura
face in the crowd by MarcCopeland ...X.... by hollosi face in the crowd by MarcCopeland
Russian Dolls by djailledie
From The Edge of The Forest I Couldnt Believe... by AiniTolonen ... by VesnaSvesna From The Edge of The Forest I Couldnt Believe... by AiniTolonen
Approach by CristianoTeofili the survivor by m-lucia Approach by CristianoTeofili
Old toy by martaraff Zombie Town by noir-limite Old toy by martaraff
Kao by peinturealuile
Tear apart by victorGUARD 28191 by jodeviant Tear apart by victorGUARD
Peter Pan's shadow by Linlith On The Edge by Markus43 Peter Pan's shadow by Linlith
The King's Gateway by ClintonKun Gravity by evanlawrence The King's Gateway by ClintonKun 
ROUGHKut#08242015 by yagey
The stairs. by Phototubby Yearning by lien The stairs. by Phototubby
The Autumn of Emily by Whatsername027 Sometimes it hurts.... by wiwionart The Autumn of Emily by Whatsername027 
I'm sorry by ZGoddess HAM by Sei-Zako I'm sorry by ZGoddess 
Untitled by go-placidly
man The man Without Qualities by ruiManuelR Lisbon 110 by JACAC man The man Without Qualities by ruiManuelR 
ps244 by Campo-Diaz One for the road. by CopperColour ps244 by Campo-Diaz 
city by baspunk Natural Outrage by vamosver city by baspunk 
Untitled by marya123
Thursday, September 17 by AlexandrinaAna Claustrophobia - click for animation by NedreKaerr1-13 Thursday, September 17 by AlexandrinaAna
The Red Lab by Ragnar949 Intensive Farming by MarmosetsOfDoom The Red Lab by Ragnar949
Esc by Poromaa brunch at the estuary by ruiManuelR Esc by Poromaa 
Bygones by Trippy4U
Morning Dew by jenniferhansen  M15 Schizophrenia by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Morning Dew by jenniferhansen
Lisbon 109 by JACAC Beyond Salvation II by theflickerees Lisbon 109 by JACAC
*16 SEPTEMBRE 2015 by JFBAYLE Embrassade by Pierre-Lagarde *16 SEPTEMBRE 2015 by JFBAYLE 
Craftivism by marya123
Intelligent Design by DasGhul Fallen temple by lostknightkg Intelligent Design by DasGhul
golgotha by virtualgadjo LIFE by Metal-Bender golgotha by virtualgadjo
Mad Is Blue by Awaytonoway Solid Statement by tholang Mad Is Blue by Awaytonoway 
Walkies by Neo-Anima
Anxiety by Chiyuky Image by dasTOK Anxiety by Chiyuky
Siren by Callme-Ismael Catching light by marrgit Siren by Callme-Ismael
City In Abstract III by Trippy4U Photo-8w by crossfading City In Abstract III by Trippy4U 
InEquilibrio by SenhArt
fashionably late by MarcCopeland reflex by rdalpes fashionably late by MarcCopeland
The Kingdom of Maccer by Corvidae65 Periscopic by gloriagypsy The Kingdom of Maccer by Corvidae65
About Vase by KarlRemarks Obstacle by Igor-Demidov About Vase by KarlRemarks 
In the Morning Mist by seek-and-hide
Belsay Castle by newcastlemale 
Brain Injury by M-Art-Artist M15  Duality by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Brain Injury by M-Art-Artist
Doubt * by Ragnar949 Surbion #2 by MBKKR Doubt * by Ragnar949
Aero by DPasschier Only a Flesh Wound by KarlRemarks Aero by DPasschier
At the Lake 04 by HorstSchmier
Mad Woman's Sangfroid by RaVeNuS9 
New profile ID by OcioProduction Memory by Grimjest New profile ID by OcioProduction
onion .... by chriseastmids Peace on Earth by kparks onion .... by chriseastmids
Motion 7 by zoundsister versus by icarus-ica Motion 7 by zoundsister 
Leaves on water by LidiaRossana
Landscape of near future 2 by BobRock99 
Special by Softyrider62 

Mature Content

Breathe in by Etimasia
 Special by Softyrider62
Pinwheel by JillAuville Red point... by ansdesign Pinwheel by JillAuville
Making of mandala by staroh just a peak by davespertine Making of mandala by staroh 
sleepy head by el-dub
i have a secret by arslanalp 
Nightfall by raffaelepecci79 Through the Blinds by VicEberly Nightfall by raffaelepecci79

i have a secret by arslanalp 
0430 by Bittersuesz 
trinkets by MarcCopeland 1-9 by SwarzezTier trinkets by MarcCopeland
ps243 by Campo-Diaz Douche Froide. by CopperColour ps243 by Campo-Diaz
Mystery in the woods by CarlosBecerra Atmosfera by tortagel Mystery in the woods by CarlosBecerra 
fall in dreams by fashioneyes
l  l  l by meszarts 
Mojar Codex Bonjour by Bibire Urbn.10 by BrusselsGraphic 011210 by kevinsaintgrey 

Mature Content

Lights will go off by mirpiphotography
 Antlers by pin100  Soldiers of Cold Fortune by rici66 
The Great Garuda by metamage Slight Imperfections III by chromevanadium Berry-1 by kootenayphotos  
When will this End? by BlindEyeTwist
keep learning by gepardsim 
Love is Forever by mj-magic Colourless Beauty by tholang toot toot by ltiana355 
Above and beyond by mldzz The Heel by djailledie Eye Candy by readyo 
naked nature abstract by BobRock99 Nothing else by augenweide it wasn't my design by dimajaber  
Fire from Within - 90566 by kreativEVOLUTION
Growth by seek-and-hide 
Cleaning Skeletons by SharPhotography Global warming by Juanilla into deep sleep by ohlin84 
ClickArt Studio by PedroValeira - No Title 31 - by KARRR EVERLASTING DANCE.. by chryssalis 
 All Eyes On You by Cinnamoncandy  


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