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Submitted on
December 4, 2012


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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2012, 10:04 AM
Dear friends, dear members and dear watchers :sun:

In this journal the main focus will be our folder called non-real by light

As humans can be described as visual animals, the importance of light is seen. Without light we would have great problems in life. Also we couldn't take pictures and we couldn't see the art which is shared here at dA. Enough reasons to have a seperate folder for this non-real aspect.
Huge thanks to uosiek1 who had initialised to have a seperate folder for light.

The main focus of the light folder is the presence, the absence and the effects of light, like reflections or shadows.
At this point I want to call your attention to our brand new affiliate :iconshadowlightseeker: Great to point to them, because they are focused on all the aspects of the folder we want introduce today.

Now We will give you a more detailed idea what could be ment with non-real by light by showing different pictures from non-real
and additionally with a special collection from our wonderful affiliate :iconinfrared-club:, which will also show the theme non-real by light with the eyes of IR.

Now, please enjoy the more or less lightness of non-real :-)

Light can be:

- natural light

A p o c a l y p s e by StFamous

- artificial light

Sun and other stars by rosaarvensis

Light can be:

- present


- absent

Bad dream XIII (Island) by ForrestBump

Light can draw while using:

- backlight

Gordon Gekko by dermamred
[skinofthenight] by craigbutikofer
Tree in the dark by Ludo38

- patterns of objects

Nurun 'Ala Nur* by NanisKa
Shadows - The Stance by Okavanga
Black by Uncle-Sarah

The shadow of light can:

- tell a story

Shadows IV by in2ni
Shadow by GreenShadow23

- also be a reflection

adim by kuvars
the aura by PsycheAnamnesis

- found in silhouettes

shadowplay no2135 by aerendial
The Pickpocket by Estruda

The reflective effect of light can:

- be stunning

Woman looking at his phone on the beach by hubert61
Remembering Summer by intao
Upside down? by Uncle-Sarah
Untitled I by Photopathica

- symmetric

Flight through forgetting by Al-Baum
through the misty air by arbebuk
Tree by NickKoutoulas

- open new views

taj mahal reflection by valaddoch
Bell Curves by EintoeRn
The Grass Is Always Greener by jonniedee
down under by scheinbar

Light can become nearly tangible:

Clarity of the Last Factory by CarlosBecerra
Pure by Capturing-the-Light
Back to medieval times by lucid-light

Light let us enjoying the colors

Sapanca Lake by MishUMuch Upside Down Nature Silhouettes by Cloudwhisperer67
Deep Into the Woods by PhotographsByBri gettin busy... by shotsfiredimagedown
San Tumas by davidsant Late Morning by bens1n
Crescendolls by craigbutikofer Viva El Peru by Stuzal

Also light can show us the loneliness and sadness or make us fear

I Forsee the Dark Ahead, If I Stay .02 by Pharaun333
The Descent by Heraklid
Wood pulp mask by in2ni

David has taken also taken a tour via :iconinfrared-club: and has selected from his group pictures which showing also the aspect of non-real by light.
Please enjoy this wonderful collection especially the individual comments and explanations to the pictures.

Paradise Valley IR II by BrianWolfe    :iconbrianwolfe:
Classic infrared from brianwolfe with characteristics of  black sky, white foliage - showing slight variations of tone.

Between Land and Water by helios-spada :iconhelios-spada:

Following feigenfrucht's general classification - this image from helios-spada shows the treatment of bright light using techniques to change the sky to blue, but keeping the foliage white.

Enchanted Forest IR by 720nm :icon720nm:

But infrared can be treated as dark as well as light with this example from 720nm using the dark, monochrome palette to create mood and tension.

Tunisian IR - Palmes D'Or by Okavanga :iconokavanga:

Monochrome or blue/red channel swaps are common ways to display infrared images, but other even more colourful techniques exist as in this example from Okavanga.

Tunisian IR Poolside 3 by Okavanga :iconokavanga:

Reflections work well in infrared imaging, as seen here, as the water surface is often "black" from lack of reflection of any IR light.

The Black Trouser Suit by Okavanga :iconokavanga:

One subject that often gives strange light/colour in infrared is clothes as seen in this shot where the lady and gent are dressed in black, at least according to visible light.

05:11 290532589 by UnderFloorboardWorld :iconunderfloorboardworld:

No set of infrared images concerning light would be complete without a classic treatment from infrared film such as this from UnderFloorboardWorld - these reds and blues being the feature of IR film.

Daffodil by mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz:

Finally, the subtlety of infrared light can be appreciated in this study of a daffodil by MIkeschwaRz - the texture and tonal variations that we know to be there are seen, but the colour has all but vanished.

We hope you enjoy our idea of collaboration and we wish you a wonderful time :wave:

Your Erdtrud and your David

:hug: Thanks for all of your submissions and for sharing your art here :-)

:iconuosiek1: :iconaerendial: :iconstfamous: :iconrosaarvensis: :iconmarco52: :iconforrestbump: :icondermamred: :iconcraigbutikofer: :iconnaniska: :iconokavanga: :iconludo38: :iconuncle-sarah: :iconcarlosbecerra: :iconcapturing-the-light: :iconmishumuch: :iconcloudwhisperer67:  :iconshotsfiredimagedown: :iconphotographsbybri:   :iconstuzal: :icontomwasilewski: :iconpharaun333: :iconheraklid: :iconin2ni: :iconal-baum: :iconharleerider: :iconlucid-light: :iconintao: :iconhubert61: :iconvaladdoch: :icongreenshadow23: :iconeintoern: :iconjonniedee: :iconscheinbar: :iconarbebuk: :iconphotopathica: :iconnickkoutoulas: :iconkuvars: :iconpsycheanamnesis: :iconestruda: :icondavidsant: :iconbens1n: :iconbrianwolfe: :iconhelios-spada: :icon720nm: :iconokavanga: :iconunderfloorboardworld: :iconmikeschwarz:

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feigenfrucht Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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thanks so much! what an honor :)
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Dear Ina, feel very welcome :hug: It's a great pleasure for us that you are sharing your art here with us :heart:
Photopathica Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012   General Artist
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shadow is watching you!
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aerendial Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
I'm catching all passed events and features.. so much to do! ... thanks a lot dear friend.
feigenfrucht Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
:hug: You are most welcome and I'm glad you found the feature of your wonderful group :heart:
MayEbony Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Such an interesting feature Erdtrud and David!!!
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