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Submitted on
February 3, 2013


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Randomized News 4.5

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 3, 2013, 1:23 AM
Dear friends, dear members and dear watchers :iconspiralsmileplz:

Continuing our randomized series 4.X with this journal, we will show you today a collection of our folder called non-real by patterns.

My intention is, to give you an idea how patterns can be interpreted. Additionally again with a special collection from our wonderful affiliate :iconinfrared-club:, which will also show the theme non-real by patterns with the eyes of IR.

Please enjoy the patterns of non-real :-)

patterns shown us by:

- architecture

Progress by Battle-for-the-Sun
Les yeux vides... by Douce-Amertume

- nature

Radioactive by catch---22
Lychee by Zouberi
forest plantation area II by Tjabula

- humans

Creating Time by intao
d13 #93 (1) by DpressedSoul

patterns as geometry like:

- symmetry

CAT004 by voxhunden
Bibliotheque nationale de Fran by pietervanbalen
red cross by augenweide

- disorder / chaos

The Memory of Water by DpressedSoul
passion by WallforAll
Uncontrollable growth by in2ni

- lines

wood lines by WallforAll
Pink by Pierre-Lagarde
Awakening by elaporterPhoto

- square

the end game by awjay
CAT001 by voxhunden

- X-gonal

Rooftops rld04 by richardldixon
Manmade Constructions by scheinbar
Sestine by martaraff

- triangle

Bramhall Lane December 17 by Okavanga
Dont Breathe by Poromaa
Rangers' Ramp by WidoPhoto

- circle

Quantum by dermamred
Uovo nero by martaraff
Aloe Vera by alisinwonder

- waves

Stony Mind by tholang

- spiral

A new born Galaxy by cactusmumkate
Elephants?! by tholang
Spinning Out of Time by UtopianPeace

- gauze

stack em by awjay
Woven by Kancano

patterns produced by:

- taking many things of the same kind

Outlines by Tjabula
Flowers in umbrellas by arualcat

- duplicating things of the same kind two times, also known as reflection

La moustache humaine by faux-tograph-ie
Calm Before The Storm by RaindropsOnRoses21

- duplicating things of the same kind more times

end game by awjay
image block by awjay

- reorganizing things of the same kind

K DANCE by KizukiTamura
ShadowWalker by M-Art-Artist

- splitting and reorganizing things

Soliloquy by freMDartet
Slat blinds by freMDartet
Green by Art-ography

- combining different things

In waiting by freMDartet
Rusty Strawberry Heart by Pierre-Lagarde

- showing the (w)hole

temple Works PC rld04 by richardldixon
Cheers to schizofrenia by JulijaJan
The nature of the golden age by deignis

- showing a part

.eck. by dasTOK
Ethics #2 by MrProgressive
Weird Terrain by FalseMaria

patterns by:

- being far away

Green Wall by bwiti
Mosaic by darkVOID42
dreams... by shotsfiredimagedown

- coming closer

spot in colour by WallforAll
recurrence III by sth22art
Hemp by darina96

- being very close

Liquid rust_sq by WallforAll
rough blue by WallforAll
Die naechste Generation by scheinbar

- choosing a special perspective

Infinite by Dorotty
'But not as we know it, Jim.' 2 by Okavanga

David has taken also taken a tour via :iconinfrared-club: and has selected from his group pictures which showing also the aspect of non-real by patterns.
Please enjoy this wonderful collection especially the individual comments and explanations to the pictures.

Generally, infrared photographers are not so concerned about patterns as such in their photography, but nevertheless non-real pattern images do occur in several circumstances.

... window with a view ... IR by EYELIGHTZONE
This image from EYELIGHTZONE :iconeyelightzone: shows a neat pattern as a frame for the main infrared image.

Washington D.C. Monument by mIkeschwaRz
The rhythm and pattern dominate this shot from mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz: and the infrared aspect is almost incidental.

Similarly with this image from reydoo. :iconreydoo: Between Here and There by reydoo

However some photographers such as Phostructor :iconphostructor: are always seeking hidden structures and patterns within infrared compositions. Here are three of his works where such pattern and infrared go hand in hand.
Triffid Patch by PhostructorArchitecture v. Architecture by PhostructorPalms Above by Phostructor

Hilary Clay hclay :iconhclay: and Michilauke :iconmichilauke: are two other photographers whose infrared work can deliberately include pattern.
four pillars by hclay
Berlin Underground Railway Window infrared by MichiLauke

Sometimes pattern is discovered by infrared photography, where none exists in the visible spectrum as in this image from Okavanga :iconokavanga:of a woman dressed in a black fur coat.
Infrared Victorian fair and Fabrics 6 by Okavanga

Finally, sometimes we can use infrared in derived images simply for the extra impact that infrared can bring, another from Okavanga.
MiniP 5 by Okavanga

We hope you enjoy our idea of collaboration and we wish you a wonderful time :wave:

Your Erdtrud and your David

:hug: Thanks for all of your submissions and for sharing your art here :-)

:iconadherance: :iconalisinwonder: :iconart-ography: :iconaugenweide: :iconbarnum60: :iconbattle-for-the-sun: :iconbwiti: :iconcatch---22: :iconchristinekalliri: :icondarkvoid42: :icondylou-lee: :iconelaporterphoto: :iconmonotoneminimal: :iconpietervanbalen: :iconjulijajan: :iconkancano: :iconkizukitamura: :iconthanksthatisenough: :iconmartaraff: :iconm-art-artist: :iconfremdartet::iconporomaa: :iconraindropsonroses21: :iconscheinbar: :iconshotsfiredimagedown: :icontholang: :icondastok: :iconpierre-lagarde: :iconzouberi: :icondpressedsoul: :iconarualcat: :iconawjay: :icondarina96: :icondeignis: :icondorotty: :iconfalsemaria: :iconfaux-tograph-ie: :iconin2ni: :iconmrprogressive: :iconrichardldixon: :iconsth22art: :icontjabula: :iconutopianpeace: :iconvoxhunden: :iconwallforall: :iconwidophoto: :icondermamred: :icondouce-amertume: :iconintao: :iconokavanga:

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a beautiful journal. belated thanks :) :hug:
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